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What We Do

You know the name. You know the colour.

Our famous green boxes have been a familiar feature of garages across the globe for decades. That’s because we’ve always provided parts that mechanics trust and keep close at hand to get the job done. That’s as true today as it ever was. Our portfolio covers premium quality products for automotive and motorcycle use that are trusted by the people who work with them every day.

And we’re still growing. That’s why we’ve been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world.

Our Heritage

In 135 years, we’ve continued to innovate and develop.

We began with the legendary "King of the Road" cycle lamp, used on the Penny Farthing in 1878, and added starters and dynamos to the portfolio in 1912. In 1920 Lucas became the largest supplier of electrical equipment to British vehicles, and by 1960 we were exporting to over 130 markets with around 4,000 authorised outlets worldwide.

Today, Lucas is a thriving global brand with a strategic network of Lucas businesses, head licensees and distributors together contributing to worldwide sales of over $120 million.

Automotive technology changes fast. We’re successful because we go on innovating, giving you the solutions that keep you equipped for the future.


You can go anywhere with Lucas

Our business is as well-travelled and successful as our parts.

We’ve built close relationships with our customers and partners around the world and we continue to develop new market opportunities. We will actively consider new business proposals from key manufactures, distributors and innovators who would like to capitalise on the market power and expertise of our organisation and brand.

Whether you’re a driver or installer looking for reliable parts that will keep vehicles on the road, or a business looking to develop fast, you can go anywhere with Lucas.

Trust Lucas